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  • How Cloud is Changing BPO

    Appeared in Inc. - September 22, 2014

    Seth talks with Inc. about how the cloud has enabled service providers to deliver affordable business process-intensive solutions to SMBs.

  • CXM: Just Another Detour on the Content Management Journey

    Appeared in eContent - November 18, 2013

    Seth Miller was interviewed by eContent for an article about Content Experience Management, a concept in that has emerged from the proliferation of connected devices that serve content.

  • Look before you leap: Evaluating cloud migrations in high-performance LAN environments

    By Seth Miller
    Appeared in Tech Republic - September 24, 2013

    Seth Miller demonstrates why its crucial to gather all the relevant data about how your systems are used before moving anything to the cloud. - See more on our blog or read the full article at Tech Republic.

  • SmartPros Interview: Perspectives on Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

    By Seth Miller
    Appeared in SmartPros - April 10, 2013

    Seth talks about his current perspectives and insights on Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery planning, including the impact rising technologies such as mobile and cloud are having on BC/DR plans.

  • Prediction 2013: An Explosion of SharePoint Internet Sites... and a Grain of Salt

    By Rob Wagner
    Appeared in CMSWire - January 03, 2013

    Microsoft has crafted the latest edition of its Web Content Management platform to make it more appealing as a solution for building public websites

  • Video: The End of Depth? Marketing Complex Services and Products

    Appeared in FutureM - November 27, 2012

    FutureM video of Seth's Panel on marketing complex services and products in short bursts.

  • Six Ways to Improve the Content Contributor Experience in SharePoint

    By Rob Wagner
    Appeared in CMSWire - November 07, 2012

    Content drives websites, so making content contributors comfortable in the editing environment is essential to the successful adoption of a SharePoint WCM experience. Here are just a few ideas for simple improvements that can make a world of difference in adoptability.

  • The Evolving Role of Content Management in Modern Intranets

    By Seth Miller
    Appeared in CMSWire - October 16, 2012

    As 2012 comes to a close, it’s safe to say that the modern intranet has become a mission-critical resource for most in mid to enterprise sized organizations. If we were to look at an intranet today and compare it to the 2009, 2006 and 2003 versions within those organizations, the differences would be nothing less than striking in terms of their effectiveness and impact on the overall organization.

    One might reasonably ask what is the role of content management in today’s intranet, and how is it evolving?

  • WGBH's "InnerTube" Intranet Stays Afloat

    Appeared in Intranets - September 05, 2012

    When the Boston-based nonprofit media organization WGBH approached the technology consultants at Miller Systems about revamping the organization's outdated intranet-called InnerTube-Miller Systems' founder and CEO Seth Miller was ready for the challenge.

  • What's Next @ MITX: Member Spotlight: Miller Systems

    Appeared in What's Next @ MITX Newsletter - January 09, 2007

    Miller Systems CEO and Founder Seth Miller profiles the company's vision, greatest achievements and challenges.

  • Online Marketing Toolbox

    Appeared in Web Host Industry Review - June 01, 2005

    Online marketing--an absolutely essential part of the Web hosting Business--is an incredibly complex science. Miller Systems' CEO and Founder Seth Miller discusses the most effective analytics tools for assessing user experience and conversion metrics.

  • Star Wars Fans Happy With Last 'Episode'

    Appeared in MSNBC - May 19, 2005

    Miller Systems' Founder and CEO Seth Miller comments to MSNBC about the firm's Star Wars celebration.

  • Miller Systems Celebrates 'Star Wars' Premier

    Appeared in 650AM CISL Oldies Radio - May 19, 2005

    Click here to listen to Miller Systems' Founder and CEO Seth Miller comments on how he and Miller Systems' employees will be celebrating the premier of 'Star Wars.'

  • 'Star Wars' Fans Abandon Office for a Galaxy Far, Far Away

    Appeared in National Public Radio - May 19, 2005

    Miller Systems' Star Wars festivities lead off this story on "Wookie Hooky."

  • Long Wait Ends for 'Star Wars' Fans

    Appeared in Associated Press - May 18, 2005

    Miller Systems' Founder and CEO Seth Miller speaks to the Associated Press about the company's Star Wars movie premier traditions.

  • May the Work Force Be with You

    Appeared in MetroWest Daily News - May 17, 2005

    Miller Systems cited as offering employees a company holiday for the opening of 'Star Wars.'

  • 'Revenge of the Sith' Might Sap Employee Productivity

    Appeared in Employee Benefit News - May 17, 2005

    Miller Systems' company outing to see 'Star Wars' mentioned in article on employee productivity during the premier.

  • Paid Day Off for Boston Star Wars Fans

    Appeared in Magic 104 WVMJ New Hampshire - May 17, 2005

    Click here to listen to Founder and CEO Seth Miller's interview with Morning Magic host Cooper Fox about Miller Systems' Star Wars festivities.

  • SITH DAY? - Boston Firm Gives Workers a Star Wars Holiday

    Appeared in Plan Sponsor - May 17, 2005

    Miller Systems' Founder and CEO Seth Miller quoted in news brief about the company's Star Wars holiday.

  • Star Wars Absenteeism Approved at Boston Company

    Appeared in WBZ News Radio 1030AM - May 16, 2005

    Miller Systems' Founder and CEO Seth Miller talks to WBZ's New England Business Editor Anthony Silva about giving employees time off to see the premier of Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith.

  • Spotlight: Entrepreneurs

    Appeared in - November 08, 2004

    Miller Systems highlighted in a feature on local business success.

  • Company Interview: Seth Miller, Miller Systems

    Appeared in The Wall Street Transcript - October 08, 2004

    Miller Systems' President and CEO Seth Miller discusses the company's history, services and plans for future growth.

  • Briefly Noted: Software News

    Appeared in Mass High Tech - September 13, 2004

    Miller Systems has reached an agreement with longtime partner RedDot Solutions to provide a hosted version of the company’s XCMS enterprise content management product.

  • Miller Systems Partners with RedDot on Hosted CMS

    Appeared in EContent - September 10, 2004

    Miller Systems has reached an agreement with long-time partner RedDot Solutions, to provide a hosted version of the company's extended content management suite (XCMS) enterprise content management solution.

  • Miller, RedDot team up on hosted CMS

    Appeared in - September 10, 2004

    Design firm Miller Systems and content management system (CMS) provider RedDot Solutions announced they are working together to provide small and mid-market customers with access to RedDot’s XCMS content management tool on a hosted basis.

  • Miller Systems and RedDot Solutions Launch Hosted CMS

    Appeared in - September 08, 2004

    RedDot Solutions has released a hosted version of its Extended Content Management Suite (XCMS); Miller Systems will host the solution.

  • Miller Hosts RedDot Content System

    Appeared in Web Host Industry Review - September 07, 2004

    Miller Systems announced on Tuesday that it has reached an agreement with RedDot Solutions to provide a hosted version of its XCMS content management solution.

  • Miller Time for RedDot

    Appeared in Enterprise Content Management - September 07, 2004

    Enterprise software company, RedDot, has announced that it has signed a new deal with US east coast technology consulting firm, Miller Systems, who will be licensed to provide a hosted version of the Extended Content Management System (XCMS).

  • Content on Target

    Appeared in EContent - September 01, 2004

    The proliferation and specialization of content sources has exacerbated the information-management problem for the very professionals who most rely on such information to do their jobs. Miller Systems' President and CEO Seth Miller comments.

  • Seven Things to Expect from Your IT Partner

    Appeared in Microsoft Small Business Center - September 01, 2004

    Your information-technology partner business should be just that — a partner in every sense of the word. Miller Systems' Dan Blumenthal comments.

  • Site Design: Health Content Can Advance the Clinical Care Process

    Appeared in Internet Healthcare Strategies - August 09, 2004

    Miller Systems' Founder and CEO Seth Miller and Miller Systems' customer Priority Healthcare discuss the importance of relevant health content, and the impact of content management, for advancing clinical patient care.

  • Creating and Delivering Content and Applications

    Appeared in Intelligent Portals - July 26, 2004

    In this bylined article, Miller Systems' Founder and CEO Seth Miller discusses how to select the right software for managing and personalizing content and applications.  Do you need a CMS or an Enterprise Portal solution?  Read on to learn more.

  • Seth Miller: Focusing on Web ROI

    Appeared in Publish - March 23, 2004

    This installment of the Champions of Web Publishing series features Seth Miller, president and CEO of Boston-based Web engineering and consulting firm Miller Systems. Miller speaks about the evolving role of the CMS in today’s Web environments and what he sees as the future of Web publishing.

  • Finally Ready for .NET?

    Appeared in HPWorld - March 01, 2004

    Miller Systems' president and CEO Seth Miller discusses HP's plan to win over .NET solution providers.

  • Got it Covered

    Appeared in Entrepreneur Magazine - February 01, 2004

    Seth Miller discusses his decision to join a professional employer organization (PEO) in order to provide better benefits for the employees of Miller Systems. 

  • Miller Systems Unveils dataDriver Secure Portal; Paradigm Works Implements Full Suite of dataDriver Tools

    Appeared in EContent - January 27, 2004

    Miller Systems announces the availability of a new module for its dataDriver suite of dynamic publishing tools. The new module, dataDriver Secure Portal, is designed to enable a business' customers, vendors, partners, and employees to access proprietary content, files, and links securely through an Intranet, Extranet, or Portal.

  • Boston on the Record: Corporate Notes

    Appeared in Boston Business Journal - January 09, 2004

    News of Miller Systems' recent completion of design and development work for Priority Healthcare's Hepatitis Neighborhood web site ( was reported here.

  • Wireless Tips for Road Warriors

    Appeared in Small Business Technology Magazine - December 01, 2003

    Seth Miller describes wireless access options for small business owners and employees and tips on valuable wireless business applications.

  • Portals and Web Services - When business issues are technical

    Appeared in Web Services Journal - December 01, 2003

    Miller Systems clarifies popular terms such as portals, gadgets, portlets and dashboarding, and explains the role Web Services play in this exciting new world of componentized content.

  • Measure for Success: Web Analytics Ensure Continued Value

    Appeared in RedDot's SmartContent - December 01, 2003

    By Seth Miller, Miller Systems
    Seth Miller describes wireless access options for small business owners and employees and tips on valuable wireless business applications.

  • Contract Watch: The Offshore Solution

    Appeared in Ziff-Davis Channel Zone - November 18, 2003

    This new column tracks deals in the IT industry, such as Miller Systems' work for Acopia Network Inc.'s Web presence.

  • Is SOAP the Cleanest for Web Services?

    Appeared in SD Times - October 15, 2003

    by Alec Graziano, Miller Systems
    Director of Web Engineering Alec Graziano explores the challenges and potential solutions for building Web services that provide secure access to critical applications using the SOAP standard.

  • Personnel File

    Appeared in Mass High Tech - September 02, 2003

    Miller Systems appoints Tim Twomey to director of sales.

  • Mistakes You Don't Want to Make

    Appeared in Web Hosting Industry Review - August 01, 2003

    By Denis McCafferty
    There are many mistakes still being made when it comes the sales and marketing side of a Web hosting operation. Read Seth Miller's insight on the topic starting on page 16.

  • Measure for Success: Web Analytics Ensure Continued Value

    Appeared in Computerworld - July 10, 2003

    By Seth Miller, Miller Systems, Inc.
    A primer on how (and how not) to measure the success of your Web site investment.

  • Computerworld: How to Avoid Hidden Costs when Building a New Web-Based Asset or Application

    Appeared in Computerworld - June 13, 2003

    By Seth Miller
    Seth Miller discusses the critical-but- often-overlooked discovery process from a Web-centric perspective.  

  • Marketing Intelligence: Lessons from the Stumbling Corporate Giants

    Appeared in MSN bCentral - May 07, 2003

    By Joanna L. Krotz
    Learn five lessons from business giant's marketing mistakes and avoid making the same ones in your business. President and CEO Seth Miller comments.

  • MIMC: @Internet Speed

    Appeared in Radio Business 1060AM WBIX - April 15, 2003

    Miller Systems' President and CEO Seth Miller discusses portals with Radio Business 1060AM's Mark Mills for MIMC's weekly @Internet Speed series.

  • Miller Systems Appoints Alec Graziano

    Appeared in Mass High Tech - March 03, 2003

    Alec Graziano appointed Director of Engineering at Miller Systems.

  • Miller Systems Promotes Dan Blumenthal

    Appeared in Mass High Tech - February 24, 2003

    Dan Blumenthal promoted to Executive Vice President at Miller Systems.

  • What's Your Internet Identity?

    Appeared in Entrepreneur - February 17, 2003

    By Mark Henricks
    Seth Miller comments on how the Internet may say something about how he runs his business. Can the way a business employs the Internet provide insight into the human owner?

  • How do I measure ROI for developing and marketing a Web site or application?

    Appeared in DestinationCRM - February 03, 2003

    By Seth Miller
    How to Corroborate Sources to Track Results

  • Retirement Plans: Choosing from the Alphabet Soup

    Appeared in My Business Magazine - December 01, 2002

    By Karen Kroll
    With sales to make, employees to lead and a bottom line to protect, staying on top of retirement plans can fall by the wayside. Seth Miller offers his perspective on retirement plans for small businesses.

  • 2002 Inc 500 Ranks Miller Systems at 421

    Appeared in Inc Magazine - October 31, 2002

    With 562% growth over the past five years, Miller Systems ranks #421 in the 2002 Inc 500.

  • Avoid Hidden Web Design Costs

    Appeared in SD Times - October 15, 2002

    By Seth Miller, Miller Systems, Inc.
    With little room for error and finite budget and resource limitations, your projects demand attention to detail and granular specifications to keep it on time, on target and within cost estimates.

  • Cover Story: Hacks and Attacks: A Complex Infestation

    Appeared in SC Magazine - September 01, 2002

    By Illena Armstrong
    Hackers’ arsenals are getting larger and easier to wield. Miller Systems' Vice President of IT Consulting Dan Blumenthal comments on the growing variety of attacks and how to prevent and recover from them.

  • Company Culture: Miller Systems, Inc.

    Appeared in Mass High Tech - August 27, 2002

    Miller Systems' company culture celebrated in Mass High Tech's regular column profiling successful, local technology companies.

  • Beyond Brochureware: Affordable Personalized Marketing For B2B

    Appeared in destinationCRM - June 17, 2002

    By Seth Miller, Miller Systems, Inc.
    President and CEO Seth Miller answers the question, "How can I personalize online content without breaking the bank?" as the 'Expert on Call.'

  • Affordable E-mail Marketing Alternatives

    Appeared in - June 15, 2002

    By Seth Miller, Miller Systems, Inc.
    Today’s companies are seeking affordable alternatives to large, complex e-mail marketing systems. By evaluating challenges faced by organizations, Seth Miller explores ways to enable resource-strapped marketing teams to manage outbound communications.

  • Maintain Seamless Operations During a Corporate Move

    Appeared in New England Real Estate Journal - June 14, 2002

    By Dan Blumenthal, Miller Systems, Inc.
    Don't make the mistake of leaving technology planning to the last.

  • Email Marketing Solutions: To ASP or To License?

    Appeared in destinationCRM - June 06, 2002

    By Seth Miller, Miller Systems, Inc.
    As the 'Expert on Call,' Miller Systems' President and CEO Seth Miller debates the pro's and con's of outsourced vs. in-house email marketing management.

  • Orchestrating a Relocation

    Appeared in Boston Business Journal - May 17, 2002

    By Matt Kelly
    Moving is almost a rite of passage for businesses. Few statistics exist to indicate how often relocations occur, but any company that grows or shrinks to a considerable extent can pretty much bet that it will need to move sooner or later.

  • Planning a Corporate Move? Don't Fall Prey to Downtime

    Appeared in Boston Business Journal - May 17, 2002

    By Dan Blumenthal, Miller Systems, Inc.
    Leaving technical moves to the last minute can have disastrous results.

  • Workers seek Star Wars dark side-can economy resist?

    Appeared in Reuters - May 16, 2002

    By Peter Henderson
    "Wookiee Hooky" helped fill movie houses across the country Thursday as fans tempted by the dark side skipped work for the opening day of "Star Wars: Episode II -- Attack of the Clones".

  • Star attraction

    Appeared in The Boston Globe - May 15, 2002

    By Ray Henry, Globe Correspondent
    Seth Miller wants the Force, or at least his work force, to be with him for tomorrow's release of ''Attack of the Clones,'' the second film in the latest ''Star Wars'' trilogy.

  • BBJ + WBIX Interview: Company Spotlight, Miller Systems

    Appeared in Business 1060 - WBIX Boston - May 15, 2002

    By Dave Anthony, BBJ AM Host
    Boston Business Journal AM Edition's Dave Anthony interviews CEO Seth Miller about the company, its success and its Star Wars company holiday.

  • Star Wars flu

    Appeared in United Press International - May 14, 2002

    By Al Swanson, National Desk
    A Massachusetts high-tech company is giving its employees a paid holiday on Thursday to see "Star Wars: Episode II: Attack of the Clones."

  • Miller Systems featured on WHDH TV

    Appeared in WHDH-TV (NBC Afflilate) - May 14, 2002

    Miller Systems employees interviewed for Star Wars Episode II:Attack of the Clones holiday

  • E-Business Company Profile

    Appeared in E-Business - April 20, 2002

    Founded in 1995, Miller Systems provides a unique blend of design, development,and IT services that support clients' strategic business objectives and deliver significant return on investment.

  • Miller Systems Profiled in MIMC

    Appeared in MIMC - April 01, 2002

    By Aimee Chabot
    Seth Miller interviewed in April Newsletter

  • Outsourcing feasible for smaller firms

    Appeared in Mass High Tech - April 01, 2002

    By Dan Blumenthal
    Dan Blumenthal, VP of IT Consulting at Miller Systems, discusses how small to mid-sized firms can benefit from outsourced solutions